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In the Bible, Jesus talks about living an abundant life. The vision of LIFE Group is: to experience the fullness of life in a Biblical community where the Gospel is radically lived out. LIFE Groups seek to accomplish this by sharing our lives with one another within various life stages.

We desire to live out the 5 E's (Evangelism, Education, Edification, Extension, Exaltation) of our values in a community context by studying the Bible, worshipping, serving and praying together. However, more than just a weekly gathering, we believe that it is an avenue to develop Christ-centered, genuine relationships for the greater empowerment of the body of Christ.

If you are new to our church, there is no better way to get a taste of who we are and what we believe in then to check out one of our LIFE Groups. Don't miss out this opportunity to experience the life-changing power of Biblical community.

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Undergrad/Post-grad students and Single Adults (Focus LIFE Group) will meet on Tuesdays OR Wednesdays.

Married couples and/or single parents (Covenant LIFE Group) will meet on Saturdays.

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